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For whom is start-up loan designed?

The start-up loan with KredEx guarantee is suitable for starting enterprises and those having operated for up to three years for financing of investments and operating capital.

The start-up loan helps if there are difficulties in starting a company due to a lack of start-up capital, and there are no sufficient guarantees for bank loans or operational history.

Unlike a conventional bank loan, fewer guarantees are required from an entrepreneur in the event of a start-up loan. Generally, the personal surety of the physical owners of the loan recipient is sufficient to guarantee the loan. The personal liability of the surety provider is 25% of the loan amount, if the loan is used for the intended purpose.


What are the main requirements to an applicant?

  • Not more than three years have passed from registration of the entrepreneur in the commercial register
  • The equity of the entrepreneur meets the requirements established in the Commercial Code
  • The owners of the entrepreneur are only natural persons and/or companies according to the Commercial Code
  • The entrepreneur, its owners and board members have no overdue un-staggered credits
  • The entrepreneur is sustainable and soluble and its business plan is feasible


Necessary documents and additional material


Application form of start-up loan (to be filled by the customer account manager at the bank) 

Additional material

General terms of start-up loan

How to apply for the start-up loan?

In order to apply for the start-up loan it is necessary to contact a bank that will forward the application to KredEx. Having received all the information necessary for decision-making, KredEx issues a decision generally within two weeks. The bank issues the start-up loan based on the positive decision of the bank and KredEx.

Free consultations regarding the preparation of a business plan necessary to apply for the start-up loan are offered by county development centres.

More detailed information is available from KredEx or banks.

Banks issuing the start-up loan: Citadele, Luminor, SEB Bank, Swedbank, Versobank and Tallinna Äripank.

The start-up loan is financed from the European Regional Fund.



Please read the start-up loan terms and consult our customer account managers if necessary.


  • Mihhail Knut

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4103

  • Natalja Pauku

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4106

  • Jaak Tikko

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4107

  • Kairi Ehrpas

    Client Manager

    +372 667 4105

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