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For whom is Industry loan designed?

Industry loan is designed for export-oriented enterprises in the areas of processing industry, mining industry, production, transfer and distribution of electrical energy and waste processing and disposal, investing into machines and devices.

Industry loan helps if a bank loan or leasing is used for an investment, but the entrepreneur lacks the required capital for self-financing. Similarly to the owner of the enterprise, KredEx gives capital as a subordinated debt to the disposal of an entrepreneur, which in the eyes of other financers increases the self-financing of the enterprise. That makes it possible to receive additional leasing or bank loan an thus helps the company to grow quicker. KredEx does not interfere in the management of the enterprise having received a loan.

What are the main requirements to an applicant?

  • The company has been entered into the commercial register of the Republic of Estonia
  • The company has no overdue deferred debt
  • The company is a going concern and solvent
  • Equity of the company corresponds to the requirements set out in the Commercial Code
  • The management board and supervisory board members of the company are reliable and competent
  • The total equity and self-financing of the company is at least 50% of the applied industry loan amount*

*KredEx may also count the loans granted to the entrepreneur and subordinated to the KredEx loan as equity.


Necessary documents and additional material


Application form of Industry loan (to be filled by the customer account manager at the bank)
Table of financial forecasts

Additional material

General terms of Industry loan 

The Industry loan is financed from the European Regional Fund.

How to apply for the Industry loan?

To apply for the Industry loan, firstly it is necessary to contact a bank or leasing company to obtain a decision regarding the issuing of a bank loan or leasing.

KredEx processes loan applications, which have received a positive financing decision from a credit or financing institution.

To submit a loan application, the applicant shall fill in the application form on the KredEx homepage and append the following:

  • Financial forecasts in a format accepted by KredEx
  • Business plan, incl. the project plan of investments
  • Decision of the competent body of the credit or financing institution on granting the loan/leasing
  • (Audited) annual report for the ended financial year and interim report (not older than two months at the moment of submitting the application) for the current year
  • CVs of the company’s key personnel

KredEx only finances projects which have not been fully implemented by the time of making the financing decision. 

Industry loan is issued by the following banks: Coop PankLHV Bank, Luminor, SEB Liising, Swedbank, Swedbank Liising, Estonian Affiliate of SIA UniCredit Leasing, Danske Bank.


Please read the Industry loan terms and consult our customer account managers if necessary.

  • Mihhail Knut

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4103

  • Natalja Pauku

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4106

  • Jaak Tikko

    Client Manager

    (+372) 667 4107

  • Kairi Ehrpas

    Client Manager

    +372 667 4105

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