Financing companies - Exporting companies

Estonia has many companies with goods and services that are worthy of finding a market abroad. Considering the different business environments and rules from one country to the next, companies need flexible financing options based on best practices.

KredEx helps Estonian companies expand to foreign markets with less risk, offering loans, state-backed guarantees and credit insurance.

We provide export loans to exporting industrial companies. This allows foreign buyers to pay for Estonian-produced goods over a longer term and lets Estonian companies finance the production of the goods.

Selling abroad often requires companies to offer longer payment terms than we’re used to in Estonia. To hedge the risks from unpaid invoices, we offer credit insurance.

Look at the services of the exporting company

An export loan is useful when a company wishes to offer a foreign buyer a long payment term, pay a credit insurance premium or finance production of goods to be sold to a foreign buyer.

A starter loan is useful if the company start-up phase is hindered by lack of seed capital and the company lacks sufficient collateral and history for obtaining a bank loan.

Insurance covers large-scale projects, the transaction payment terms of which extend over two years and for which the buyer may need financing.

A capital loan is a subordinated loan that is useful when a company wishes to fund rapid growth with a loan but lacks the self-financing or sufficient collateral required by the bank.

An industry loan is useful if a company wishes to use a bank loan or lease for making an investment but lacks self-financing. In such a situation, an industry loan, being a subordinated loan, can increase the company's self-financing in the eyes of co-financing sources.
KredEx is providing venture capital through funds of funds to help Estonian start-up companies and well-established and fast-growing companies expand and finance their growth.