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We offer apartment buildings various kinds of financial services to help increase energy performance and improve the indoor climate through renovating the building.

Services for apartment associations


Loan guarantee

A loan guarantee is useful if a company wishes to use a bank loan, a lease or bank guarantee but lacks sufficient collateral or operating history to be issued a loan.

Renovation grant 2019

Comprehensive renovation of an apartment building helps improve the energy performance of the building, prolongs its lifetime, increases its value on the real estate market and ensures better indoor climate. The grant is intended for apartment associations and local authorities who want to renovate their apartment building as comprehensively as possible.

Renovation support 2014-2018

A comprehensive renovation of an apartment building increases energy performance, extends the building’s useful life, raises property values and improves the indoor climate. The support is meant for associations and local governments who wish to renovate their apartment building as fully as possible. The support can be combined with loans issued by credit institutions and the apartment association’s own funds.

Solar panel investment support

The purpose of this support is to increase the share of electricity produced from renewable sources and to reduce emissions from energy-generating systems.