Entrepreneurship of young people

What are KredEx Career Exploration Tours?

KredEx Career Exploration Tours were launched to introduce Estonian schoolchildren to enterprises operating in their home counties, and in doing so, to expand the knowledge of young people regarding career opportunities and to support an entrepreneurial attitude by young people towards life.

This is the sixth year that Career Exploration Tours will be taking place. In previous years, KredEx Career Exploration Tours have proven to be a great success among students, and over a period of five years more than 1000 schoolchildren from nearly every county in Estonia have visited enterprises.  

Each year, students in grades 10–12 have the opportunity to visit future employers in their local communities, in order to obtain new knowledge and experience directly in the middle of an enterprise’s everyday activities. At many of the enterprises, young people will have the opportunity to try their hand at the work being performed. This year’s Career Exploration Tours are set to take place in May. The specific dates have yet to be determined. As has become customary, a motivational letter and motivational video competition will also be taking place in order to secure a place in the Career Exploration Tour, on the basis of the results of which those classes and schools that will have the opportunity to go on trips this year will be selected.

In 2020, KredEx Career Exploration Tours were supposed to take place in May; however, due to the emergency situation, they have been postponed until the second half of the year.

Harjumaa koolinoored külastasid 2018. aastal teiste hulgas ka ettevõtet Estanc

In which counties will Career Exploration Tours be taking place?

In 2019, KredEx Career Exploration Tours took place in eight counties: Harju County, Saare County, Lääne-Viru County, Ida-Viru County, Järva County, Pärnu County, Tartu County and Võru County. The 2020 tours will be taking place in the spring, in May, and exact information will be coming soon.

What types of enterprises are being visited?

Over the course of one day, up to three enterprises engaged in production will be visited in the young people’s local communities. We will be including enterprises in the Career Exploration Tours project which are important regional employment providers and the majority of which have also been KredEx loan guarantee clients.

When will the Career Exploration Tours be taking place?

In 2019, Career Exploration Tours took place in November: 

12 November: Harju County, Järva County

13 November: Lääne-Viru County

14 November: Pärnu County, Saare County, Ida-Viru County

15 November: Tartu County, Võru County