The state allocates 28 million euros to the reconstruction of small residences


The first round of applications for KredEx’s new small residence reconstruction grant will be opening during the latter half of the year, for which a record 28 million euros will be allocated to increasing the energy efficiency of small houses.

Renoveeritud väikeelamu
Renoveeritud väikeelamu

In the words of KredEx and EAS’s housing and energy efficiency department head Triin Reinsalu, it is possible for owners of small residences to apply for a grant now, but the application process will be temporarily halted prior to transitioning to the new source of funding. “We have received notices from market players that those currently wishing to renovate their houses would not be able to finish work in a timeframe that would allow for payment from the existing budget,” she says. “In order to ensure that no one will miss out on the grant, we will be stopping the current round of applications starting July 1 and restarting it in the second half of the year. One should definitely continue with any in-progress building reconstruction plans in order to begin immediately once the application process starts up again, especially considering that more consistent funding will be available for a longer period even for owners of small residences going forward.”

If one wishes to carry out work using the grant, they must not begin before the start of the new round of applications.

“Renovating buildings is good for both the climate and for families’ wallets, as doing so allows for better control of one’s expenditures, greater savings on bills and a higher quality of life as well as independence from price fluctuations,” said Minister of Climate Kristen Michal.

Thus far the grant has been applied for most for the installation of solar panels, insulation of facades, roofs, foundations and ground floor flooring, renovation or replacement of heating systems, replacing windows or doors and installation, maintenance or replacement of ventilation systems.

As of today, the grant has been successfully allocated 2255 times for a sum total of 15.36 million euros. Projects have been funded using both the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) as well as the national budget. In the years following we will be distributing grants using RRF funds.

The joint agency will post notices of the new round of applications as soon as possible. Information can also be found on the home page

The EAS and KredEx joint agency is a participant in the European Union LIFE IP BuildEST project, which brings together knowledge and experience from different parties for the reconstruction of Estonian housing stock by 2050.