Export loan


An export loan is useful when a company wishes to offer a foreign buyer a long payment term, pay a credit insurance premium or finance production of goods to be sold to a foreign buyer.


  • The export loan helps companies find new customers and grow export volumes.

For who?


established company
exporting company

Service is suitable if

  • the company is entered into the Republic of Estonia’s Commercial Register.
  • the company lacks undeferred indebtedness that is past due.
  • the company is sustainable and solvent.
  • the company’s equity capital meets requirements set forth in Commercial Code.
  • the company’s key persons are trustworthy and competent.
  • the company has experience carrying out similar export projects

The loan applicant’s recommended financial indicators at the time of application for the loan:

  • equity capital makes up at least 30% of the balance sheet volume
  • liquidity coefficient of at least 0.8
  • The loan service coefficient is at least 1.1 according to conservative estimates

Important conditions

Loans will not be issued for the following activities or to the following companies:
  • Companies involved in agriculture, fishery and logging, not including activities related to processing of agricultural products and timber processing.
  • Firearms and tobacco industry
  • The company’s owners include companies registered in tax havens
  • Companies in difficulty
Key conditions:

Purpose of loan - to grant exporters a loan with at least a 2-year repayment date for financing export transactions

Preconditions for issuing the loan - insuring against credit and political risk related to foreign buyers and specifying KredEx as the beneficiary in the insurance agreement. The insurance coverage against credit risk and political risk must be at least 95% of the balance of the credit granted to the foreign buyer:

  • ceding a claim against the foreign buyer arising from the export transaction to KredEx starting from the moment of delivery of goods to the foreign buyer
  • insuring against production risk if the production of goods to be sold to a foreign buyer is being insured
  • f necessary, establishing other collateral with KredEx as the beneficiary


Interest rate - consists of price and risk margin, which depends on the specific transaction

Contract amendment fee - 0.2% of the loan balance

Loan amount - in general up to 3,000,000 euros per foreign buyer

Loan period - In general, 2 to 10 years

Contract signing fee - 1% of the loan amount, not to exceed 10,000 euros



Good to know

  • You can find more information about the crisis measures intended to alleviate liqiuidity difficulties caused by the COVID-19 outbreak ON THIS PAGE
  • The precondition for issuing the loan is that the KredEx Krediidikindlustus must insure the credit risk and political risk associated with the foreign buyer, see link to insurance page.
  • To apply for the export loan, an application must be completed, to which the following must be appended:
    • Financial forecasts in the KredEx Financial forecasts table
    • Overview of the company and description of the transaction
    • (audited) annual report for the last financial year ended
    • interim report for the current financial year, not older than 2 months as of submission of application

Application process

To apply for the export loan, an application must be completed (Export loan application form), to which the necessary documents must be appended.

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