Demolition grant for local governments



The receipt of applications has been suspended.

The purpose of the demolition grant is to support local governments or entities under their control in the demolition of buildings and structures that have fallen out of use, and which are located on an immovable belonging to them, which are in danger of collapsing or represent a fire hazard, if the renovation or transfer of such buildings and structures is not expedient.

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  • The functionality and safety of the living environment will improve.
  • It promotes the integral development of the living environment.

For who?


local municipality

Service is suitable if

  • the construction work (building or civil engineering work) that has fallen out of use is located on an immovable owned by a local government or an entity under its control, or on an immovable encumbered with the right of superficies.

Important conditions

Supported activities

The supported activity is the partial or complete demolition of a building that has fallen out of use, as well as the costs for the handling of demolition waste and for the clean-up of the plot, including the costs associated with landscaping.

Grant rate

The grant rate is up to 70% of eligible costs related to supported activities, including costs related to landscaping in the extent of up 10% of all eligible costs of the project.  

In the cities of Tallinn and Tartu, as a settlement unit, the maximum grant amount is up to EUR 100,000 per applicant.

De minimis aid is applicable in the case of an entity that is under the control of local government. De minimis aid provided to an entity under the control of local government in three consecutive fiscal years must not exceed EUR 200,000 together with the grant.

Eligible costs
  • designing the demolition of the building in the event that demolishing is performed as part of a project
  • partial or complete demolition of a building or structure that has fallen out of use and which is located on a registered immovable owned by the applicant encumbered with the right of superficies
  • management of demolition waste
  • cleaning up and landscaping the plot

Expenses for activities performed are not eligible before submitting the application to KredEx, except the cost of preparing a construction project.

Period of eligibility of supported activities

The recipient of the grant must perform the supported activities within 12 months from being informed about the decision to satisfy the applications, excluding designing the demolition the cost of which is eligible from 3 February 2015.

Requirements for the applicant
  • the applicant for the grant is directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project and does not act as an intermediary
  • the grant applicant confirms the existence of the funds required to ensure self-financing in applying for the grant
  • upon receiving the grant, the grant applicant must order the work required for the project electronically, via the public procurement register
  • the grant applicant ensures that the waste generated during the demolition of a building or civil engineering works is handled in accordance with the Waste Act and the procedure for the management of construction and demolition waste that is applicable within the territory of the local government
  • the grant applicant ensures that the vacated area is cleaned up

The beneficiary must order the work required for the project electronically, via the public procurement register.


Application and disbursement

Submit the application form together with any attachments and additional documents to KredEx as digitally signed via e-mail at or through e-service.

The date of submitting the application cannot be earlier than the opening date of the application round.

All accompanying documents must be attached to the application.

KredEx will provide the applicant a term of up to ten days to rectify any deficiencies that become apparent with the application. In the event that the deficiencies are not rectified during this time, incl. failing to submit required additional documents, KredEx will make the decision of not satisfying the application.

KredEx processes the submitted application and then makes the decision to satisfy or not satisfy it.

  • Application
  • The applicant’s confirmation of the availability of funds or the budget approved by the applicant, which shows the availability of funds in the necessary extent to ensure self-financing
  • Construction project for the demolition of a building, with the designer’s approval, that is at least in the conceptual design stage, in the case of an obligation to prepare a construction project arising from the Building Code
  • The applicant’s decision to demolish the building
  • Extract from the Land Register concerning the ownership of the registered immovable or its apartment ownerships
  • If the registered immovable is encumbered with a right of superficies, then a relevant document which confirms that the residential immovable is encumbered with a right of superficies in favour of the local government for at least 15 years and that one of the conditions of the right of superficies is the right of the holder of the right of superficies to demolish the existing building or structure
  • Photograph(s) of the structure to be demolished
  • If necessary, approval by the National Heritage Board
  • A power of attorney, if the person with the right of representation operates on the basis of authorisation

The recipient of the grant shall perform the works included in the application. For the grant to be disbursed, activities on which the application is based need to be completed and the area of the construction site be cleaned up.

The grant recipient shall submit the documents required for the disbursement of the grant to KredEx, together with a report and photos proving the execution of the project covered by the grant.

  • The grant disbursement application (Väljamakse taotlus.pdf
  • Väljamakse taotlus.pdf (Väljamakse taotlus.pdf) – applicable to applications satisfied between 16 May 2020 to 30 April 2021
  • Report form (Aruande vorm.rtf
  • Aruande vorm.docx (Aruande vorm.docx) – applicable to applications satisfied between 16 May 2020 to 30 April 2021
  • Contracts for construction or services;
  • Formal records of transfer and receipt for the works;
  • Construction project in the basic project stage if a conceptual design was submitted at the time of application
  • Notice of the complete demolition of a building or notice of use in the case of a notification obligation arising from the Building Code
  • Invoices;
  • Payment orders, account or credit card statements at least to the extent not covered by the grant;
  • To receive a grant for costs related to owner supervision, price bids from three independent tenderers*
    * applies to applications that were satisfied between 16 May 2020 to 30 April 2021
  • Waste certificate and other documents certifying the legal management of waste pursuant to the Waste Act (such as instruments of delivery and receipt, waste permit, integrated permit, registration certificate, etc.)
  • Photos of performed works

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