Our private home renovation support product helps owners of private homes to perform renovation work. The objective is to increase energy performance of detached homes, improve the living environment and increase the housing stock.


  • Energy savings
  • Healthful interior climate
  • Better living conditions
  • Safety

For who?

  • private and family

Service is suitable if

  • the applicant owns or co-owns a house built before 1993.
  • it is either a row house or a duplex. A summer cottage or garden house can also qualify if it is being renovated for year-round living.
  • the house is or will become the applicant’s permanent place of residence.
  • the necessary self-financing (70%) is in place
  • all agreements concluded with KredEx in the last five years have been honoured and there are no outstanding obligations to KredEx.

Important conditions

Key conditions
  • The building must have entered use before 1993.
  • The support can be used for a detached house, row house, duplex, garden house or summer cottage.
  • Individuals may apply
Work supported:
  • expenses related to insulation of façade, building base or foundation;
  • expenses related to insulation of attic, ceilings of top storeys or ceilings of attics;
  • expenses related to replacement of external windows and doors;
  • expenses related to insulation of ground-level floors or floors above unheated rooms;
  • expenses related to replacement or renovation of heating systems, including installation of heat generation equipment, construction and installation of chimney and connecting flues and replacement of boilers and their accessories and auxiliary equipment;
  • expenses related to establishing or replacement of renovation of ventilation systems;
  • expenses on acquisition and installation of renewable energy production devices along with equipment necessary for transformation of energy and storage of energy output (if network connection is not established upon installation of electrical generating equipment coupled with a battery power system);
  • expenses related to preparation of energy labels;
  • expenses related to installation of air-water type heat pumps whose coefficient of performance (COP) for heating is at least 3.5 (7°C/35°C EN 14511), or a water-water (ground-source heat pump) type of heat pump whose system COP is at least 4.0 (0°C/35°C EN 14511);
  • expenses related to other work that ensures direct energy savings, is related to insulation or replacement of technical utility systems, and is specified in the project as a recommendation;
  • expenses on acquisition of construction product and materials necessary for the renovation;
  • expenses related to design and owner’s supervision of renovation works or installation of equipment that uses renewable energy sources. Owner’s supervision expenses are eligible for support if the applicant has, for the purpose of performing the renovation works, a corresponding agreement with an undertaking which operates in the field of owner’s supervision and has a corresponding legal relationship with a competent person specified in Section 23 of the Building Code or if the self-employed person providing the owner’s supervision service is themselves such a competent person. The owner’ supervision must be performed by the aforementioned competent person listed in the register of economic activities as a competent person in a subcategory of the owner’s supervision field of activity;
  • expense related to restoration of interior finishing during renovation but no more than 5% of the cost of the renovation works.
Requirements for renovation works to be performed:
  • Insulation of external walls with thermal transmittance of U ≤ 0.20 (W/m2K), the thermal transmittance requirement does not apply to base or foundation to be insulated together with the external wall;
  • insulation of roof, ceiling of top floor or ceiling of attic with thermal transmittance of U ≤ 0.12 (W/m2K);
  • replacement of external windows with windows with a thermal transmittance of U ≤ 1.10 (W/m2K) (at least triple-glazed units);
  • the thermal transmittance of floors on the ground level or above an unheated room must be U ≤ 0.25 (W/m2K);
  • the minimum useful efficiency for heating equipment to be installed in the context of granted support (on the basis of the lower heating value) must be 0.80 for a split wood-fired boiler and 0.85 for a pellet-fired boiler.
  • the COP of an air-water type heat pump in heating must be at least 3.5 (7°C/35°C EN 14511) and the COP of a water-water (ground-source heat pump) system must be at least 4.0 (0°C/35°C EN 14511);
  • in the case of a central heating system, the system must be adjustable on a room-by-room basis, and thermostat valves must be installed for radiators and ground-source heating loops;
  • the temperature ratio (useful efficiency) of ventilation units with heat recovery must be at least 0.80;
  • when insulating external walls and replacing windows, the applicant must install fresh air valves in the external wall or window frame of living rooms and bedrooms, the capacity of the flow of air through which is at least 10 l/s.
  • The applicant for the support must, in order to execute the renovation works or acquisition and installation of the equipment that use renewable energy sources, elicit at least three offers from companies operating in the field for each renovation work or piece of equipment, unless the applicant performs the renovation work themselves. If the applicant for the support orders some or all work from one provider, the applicant shall elicit offers for the renovation works in aggregate. If the applicant for the support does not choose the cheapest offer or due to reasons beyond the control of the applicant, it is not possible to elicit three offers, the applicant must provide reasoning in writing on the application form for its choice or failure to elicit the offers. When installing a renewable energy production device and installation of a battery power system, the seller must provide a manufacturer warranty of at least five years on all components and the installer must provide a warranty of at least five years on the installation work.
  • To connect electricity-generating equipment to the public power grid, a connection offer issued by the network operator is required. The criteria for evaluating the eligibility of power-generating equipment for support is the conformity of equipment up to 11 kW to requirements arising from Estonian standards (including EVS-EN 50438:2008) and the Grid Code.
  • Upon acquiring a heating device that uses renewable energy sources, the seller must provide a manufacturer’s warranty of at least two years on all components and with regard to installation, the installer must provide a warranty of at least two years on the installation work. If the equipment was produced by a manufacturer outside the EEA, it must have a CE certificate and at least a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Activities aimed at achieving commercial goals and aimed at introducing homes currently used as residential space for non-residential space are not eligible.
Requirements for the applicant:
  • The recipient must ensure the preservation of the assets and their use for a purpose corresponding to the purpose of the measure for at least five years after the end of the period of eligibility.
  • The recipient must insure the home for at least five consecutive years of the decision to approve the application.
  • The recipient must preserve the documentation related to the application, support and performance of work for at least seven years of disbursement of the support.
  • The recipient must ensure that upon transfer of ownership title to the home, the obligations of the recipient are transferred to the new owner; otherwise the support shall must be repaid in proportion to the time that the home was not used by the applicant.

Application process

  • First, commission a construction design project
  • If establishing solar panels, the designer must fill in the assessment of the projected annual energy output of equipment that uses renewable energy sources on the following form
  • Then, commission an energy label
  • Elicit at least three competing price offers for the work to be performed.
  • Prove the existence of self-financing (bank account statement or loan decision)
  • If you are establishing solar panels, elicit an offer for establishing a connection to the power grid.
  • Fill in the budget form 
  • Fill in the application
  • Perform the work
  • Fill in the disbursement application and append the documents listed below
    • Construction contracts for contracts for services (if they exist)
    • Instruments of delivery and receipt of works
    • Invoices
    • Payment orders, account or credit card statements at least in the extent not covered by the support
    • Valid home insurance policy
    • Kasutusteatis or kasutusluba (authorization for use) of the relevant building unless the information has been entered into the Building Register or is not required for eligible activities.

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