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Investment insurance is suitable for exporting companies and banks that finance exporters who wish to protect their direct investments made in foreign countries against political risks.

The insurance covers direct investments into new companies as well as investments for acquiring a holding in existing companies.

It is also possible to insure medium- and long-term loans from owners, bank loans and loan guarantees against political risk.


  • You get an opportunity to expand to new and unknown markets
  • You gain a way to protect yourself against political risks (such as nationalization of assets)
  • You will receive compensation if the political risk becomes realized

For who?

  • established company
  • exporting company

Service is suitable if

  • it is an Estonian company
  • you wish to expand your activity outside of Estonia
  • you would like protection against political risks

Important conditions

  • The policyholder is a company listed in the Estonian Commercial Register
  • The insured risk is a political risk related to the investment
  • Transaction-based service
  • There are no restrictions on the country of location of the investment other than it being outside of Estonia
  • Risk period: 3 to 15 years
  • Insurance covers up to 100% of losses

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Before signing the contract, check the terms and conditions of AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus and, if you have any further questions, contact our specialists.