A starter loan is useful if the company start-up phase is hindered by lack of seed capital and the company lacks sufficient collateral and history for obtaining a bank loan.

A loan guarantee is useful if a company wishes to use a bank loan, a lease or bank guarantee but lacks sufficient collateral or operating history to be issued a loan.

An industry loan is useful if a company wishes to use a bank loan or lease for making an investment but lacks self-financing. In such a situation, an industry loan, being a subordinated loan, can increase the company's self-financing in the eyes of co-financing sources.

A capital loan is a subordinated loan that is useful when a company wishes to fund rapid growth with a loan but lacks the self-financing or sufficient collateral required by the bank.

An export loan is useful when a company wishes to offer a foreign buyer a long payment term, pay a credit insurance premium or finance production of goods to be sold to a foreign buyer.

KredEx is providing venture capital through funds of funds to help Estonian start-up companies and well-established and fast-growing companies expand and finance their growth.