Who we are

KredEx and Enterprise Estonia have merged. 

A transition phase will start in January, where a new structure and brand will be created for the joint agency. In the meantime, services will continue to be offered under the existing brands of Enterprise Estonia and KredEx.  The substantive merger will be completed in the course of 2022.

The legal name of the new organisation will be Estonian Business and Innovation Agency from January 2022.

The main objective of the joint organisation is to support entrepreneurship and the improvement of living conditions in Estonia, increase our international competitiveness, visibility and attractiveness as a place for business, living and studies.

Under the KredEx brand, the joint organisation continues to help: 

  • businesses to develop faster and expand safely into foreign markets by providing loans, 
    risk capital, credit insurance and guarantees backed by state guarantees 
  • improve people’s living conditions by offering loan guarantees for home purchases, backed by state guarantees 
    and loans, guarantees and grants for implementing energy efficiency solutions 
  • develop the startup ecosystem and represent the interests of the startup sector as an umbrella organisation, so that Estonia will sprout increasingly more success stories in the field of technology. Entrepreneurship is of key importance 
    in the implementation of the digital, green and innovation transitions. 

Under the Enterprise Estonia brand, the joint organisation develops the Estonian economy and businesses through: 

  • developing business models and boosting innovation 
  • increasing export capacity 
  • attracting high value-added foreign investments 
  • recruiting top international professionals 
  • increasing tourism revenue